Time ~ by Naomi of Gratitude Vietnam

A year ago, I had six months left of a two year contract. 
I had signed the contract to save for a new life, start a business and leave the safety of the institution of education I had been happily ensconced in since starting school at the age of five. Six months felt like a life-sentence, yet when they had passed, it felt as though the time had run away in a flash! The impact of this perplexingly contextual perception of time during this period has stayed with me, and got me thinking…For as long as beings have been conscious on this planet, there has been witness to the passing of time. Whether through observation of changing seasons, passing of day and night, tidal movement, interplanetary movement or stars, each and every civilisation has found a way to measure, record, navigate and ‘manage’ time. We divide days into hours, lives into years, history into eras, evolution into periods. Our own lives we ‘chapter’ and bookmark by pivotal moments, decisions made (for better or seemi…

I tell you mine, you tell me yours...

Practice that is...  I'm going to share with you some of the "rules" I apply to my personal life as i navigate the world as a yogini. I call these "yoga off the mat" because it's not just asana(postures), that make someone a yogi. 
Some of these come natural to me, some i have to think about, some I open my heart to.With constant and steady practice without any interruption(Abhyasa)we give ourselves a greater chance to co-create a life affirming and more complete existence.
One of the most profoundly helpful texts in the practice of yoga applicable to everyday life is theYoga Sutras of Patanjali. I turn to it when I am in the mood for a reminder of what yoga is all about. 
Written thousands of years ago, the sutras outline a concise and scientific approach to the spiritual life that still has relevance today. The delivery of the sutras is extremely short and straightforward, so it is a good idea to read a commentary for helpful insight! The sutras provide brief …

Reality Check

Write about what hurts, Elena” said my creative writing Professor. So this blog is about that. It’s about pain, it’s about being okay with being uncomfortable, it’s about accepting what is, it’s about remembering that everything is always in Divine order, even when I don’t want to accept it as truth. These are raw words: a reality check. I’m telling you now so you can just skip the written part and look at the pictures (which are mainly here to distract you and because I took so many, what to do with them?) or decide not to read all together.

Varanasi Vibes

There is this feeling you get when you first visit Varanasi that can be summarized in two words Dante's Purgatory. In a good way.

This was not my first time here so I sort of knew what to expect, but the magic of India (one of them) is that it surprises you with something new all. the. time. So, although the Ganga is still there, the devotes are still worshipping, the chai walla are still doing their thing, and the tourists are still snapping their pictures... 
The vibes you experience change according to how you feel. What state of mind are you in when you walk about the ghats? When you watch the sun rise? When you sit on the warm, dirty stone amongst stranger to experience the daily offerings to the sacred river? Are you going to focus on the sweltering heat, the garbage scattered everywhere, she smell of sewer filling your nostrils,  and the many homeless bodies sitting wherever they can? Or are you going to see the multiple shades of orange, hear the mellifluous voices of the se…