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I should have started earlier

More than 6 months living in India as a videshi(foreigner) and i decide to write this blog. i should have listened to Michelle earlier, when she suggested i do this; that people are interested in reading what life in India is all about. See, Michelle? i listened to you! There is so much to share about this experience that the posts on Facebook and Instagram  are not catching the whole feeling of it. Not sure who will be following what i am doing here; maybe people will just look at the pictures and it will be enough. i should have started in September when i took the first road trip to Badrinath and the second one to Gangotri. i should have documented the difficulty of my journey throughHindi at the Landor language school in Moossorie where the mountains are breathtaking and the winter line is something i never saw before. i should have written about my stay in the crazily noisy Bangalore and the many visits to the amazingly colored temples that filled my days. Maybe i will backtrack…