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You are making me the mad

This is the face i make when i attempt to put a concept into words and eventually speak it out loud in the intricate labyrinth that is Hindi. This the same face i make when someone says something to me and i squeeze every particle of my brain to understand him/her in the love/hate relationship i have with this mysterious language. In the process my English is going to s***t and it's making me the mad! 

"Wait... are you talking about yesterday or tomorrow?" Because the same word kal -कल - is used for both... so how do you know when the narration actually takes/took place? you have to wait until THE END of the sentence when you hear the verb to put it all together... and of course this process works in reverse, when you want to say something: you have to formulate the whole phrase in your head and keep it all together until you get to the verb. Just FYI it is also possible to place the subject after the verb because in Hindi there are rules and then there are exceptions, wh…