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Monsoon traveling and a whole lot of pics

There are many things i love about India and then of course there are the many that drive me insanely mad (these are for another blog).

The various shades of green in the Himalayas i had only seen in pictures, and wow what a difference in person! 

The many nuance of yellow mangos together with ripe bananas, and tiny juicy red apples from Himachal Pradesh neatly arranged on the make-shift carts, covered by a beach umbrella, because the heat and rain. The lotions and potions of the improvised barber at the side of dusty alleys. The colorful silky sarees gently undulating, barely covering the adorned feet of Indian women. The many shades of bangles making their unique "bangling" sound, like tiny pieces of glass dancing together.

I left Rishikesh at the beginning of monsoon season for a road trip_ on a Vespa_ to Nepal (400+km) and Himachal Pradesh (1200+km). 

Of course there is no direct way to go from Nepal to HP because the roads aren't made like that... the only possibility i…